Consider A Career in Lawn Mower Construction?

Consider A Career in Lawn Mower Construction?

A career as a gunsmith is as honorable as any. However, have you also considered other similar mechanical alternatives such as a career in building lawn mowers. The lawn mower industry is booming and the degree of difference in the types of mowers available on the market vary widely. Starting from basic push mowers right up to ride on commercial mowers, you just need to jump online to read mower reviews to see the variety of quality in the build too.

How Is a Mower Built?

This is the first question many of my inquisitive students ask in their first semester. And the answer is, there’s no one way. Let’s start with the raw materials. A mower can be made up of over 270 parts with the engines ranging from 2 cycle to 4 cycle cylinders. Like with being a master gunsmith, you will be dealing with mostly metal in the mower industry. The major components include the mower pan, engine, and blades.

What is the Process to Build A Mower?

First step is to unloading the parts on arrival from the distributors and trolley them into the factory. Next we ready for the machine stamping of the mower pan. How we actually undertake this varies on the material we are using. After stamping, the pan is moved to a plasma cutter which cuts the holes to attach the other parts.

We then weld on the deflecting plates and a array of other parts then take the machine to be painted. The painting process is divided up into a few steps and is similar to painting the gun after processing. Firstly we clean the parts before spraying them with a powder painter in a closed off room.

Once painting is complete, the parts are all sent off for the baking process where they are permanently fixed together to be able to withstand the beating of many years mowing.

The top handlebars are then shaped using heavy welder. Once welded, they are punched with holes for installing the starting switch, controls and pan accessories.

All while this is going on, we have quality control there to ensure that everything is done soundly and to the best workmanship possible.

As you can see, taking up a job as a mower constructor can be quite challenging and fun at the same time, and don’t forget, it’s very in demand at the moment. Like being a gunsmith, it’s very hands on and you will learn many life skills in the process. Hope to see you at our next course opening at the beginning of next year.

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