Consider A Career in Lawn Mower Construction?

Consider A Career in Lawn Mower Construction?

A career as a gunsmith is as honorable as any. However, have you also considered other similar mechanical alternatives such as a career in building lawn mowers. The lawn mower industry is booming and the degree of difference in the types of mowers available on the market vary widely. Starting from basic push mowers right up to ride on commercial mowers, you just need to jump online to read mower reviews to see the variety of quality in the build too.

How Is a Mower Built?

This is the first question many of my inquisitive students ask in their first semester. And the answer is, there’s no one way. Let’s start with the raw materials. A mower can be made up of over 270 parts with the engines ranging from 2 cycle to 4 cycle cylinders. Like with being a master gunsmith, you will be dealing with mostly metal in the mower industry. The major components include the mower pan, engine, and blades.

What is the Process to Build A Mower?

First step is to unloading the parts on arrival from the distributors and trolley them into the factory. Next we ready for the machine stamping of the mower pan. How we actually undertake this varies on the material we are using. After stamping, the pan is moved to a plasma cutter which cuts the holes to attach the other parts.

We then weld on the deflecting plates and a array of other parts then take the machine to be painted. The painting process is divided up into a few steps and is similar to painting the gun after processing. Firstly we clean the parts before spraying them with a powder painter in a closed off room.

Once painting is complete, the parts are all sent off for the baking process where they are permanently fixed together to be able to withstand the beating of many years mowing.

The top handlebars are then shaped using heavy welder. Once welded, they are punched with holes for installing the starting switch, controls and pan accessories.

All while this is going on, we have quality control there to ensure that everything is done soundly and to the best workmanship possible.

As you can see, taking up a job as a mower constructor can be quite challenging and fun at the same time, and don’t forget, it’s very in demand at the moment. Like being a gunsmith, it’s very hands on and you will learn many life skills in the process. Hope to see you at our next course opening at the beginning of next year.

Gun Safety Around Smokers & BBQs

Gun Safety Around Smokers & BBQs

Those adults who have gun license can buy world class pistols and other types of sophisticated guns without complications. But these types of dangerous guns have to be safeguarded properly around the clock otherwise could go off accidentally causing catastrophic damage. This means that if you are having a barbecue, you have the propane smoker fired up and the best meat sitting inside, you will find the time to correctly secure your gun in a safe location.

It is imperative to note that ultra modern rifles, guns and pistol have to be kept in a very safe place and should be away from children since they may use it unknowingly when the owner is away.

Those who use guns should not load the bullets at any cost since there is a high risk chance that a amateur will use it and fire the bullets unknowingly. Hundreds of people who have used guns carelessly have even died due to misfiring. Some of the time-tested and useful methods a gun owner should follow when conducting family BBQ are keep the gun in a very strong metallic boxes like Gun vault which will not cost much.

Be sure to use a very high quality gun case so that the gun will not face any physical damage, best option for extra protection will be to use locking steel gun cabinets and use a supreme quality gun safe which are manufactured with sturdy materials. The pricing of these products depend upon quality, standard and manufacturing country.

Gun Safety in the Bedroom

Gun Safety in the Bedroom

Guns are one of the deadliest weapons that can be found in a house. Incidentally it is also the best weapon to protect oneself. Guns can save you from various dangers like an incoming burglar, robber or any uninvited intruders. Today we will look at how to safely store your weapon in the home, and we don’t mean under your firm mattress, we mean in a proper gun safe. In many states where there is a man-animal conflict, many wild animals are known to intrude inside your property and home. In such cases, a weapon in your hand can be very helpful. In United States of America, guns can be bought easily in many states however there are some restrictions in some states for buying these weapons based on your age. In any case, it should be available for you to protect yourselves. In the recent years, reckless usage of guns has caused a public uproar against the guns. This is mainly due to the violent killings of innocent children in the schools and bystanders in the roads. In view of these things you should remember that safekeeping of gun is the responsibility of the license holder. Be it in your car, on the road or even inside your bedroom, a can be dangerous to anyone and you, of all the people should protect yourselves from the gun.

Read this before placing the gun under your pillow

Many people keep their guns under the pillow mainly due to the similar practices that are shown in the Hollywood movies. While it is understandable that people want to feel safe by keeping the guns at their arm’s reach, it is to be noted that nobody is as threatened as the people in the movies and in fact, guns under the pillows can be more dangerous than an intruder. While modern pistols come with a safety lock, old guns and revolvers are not equipped with such safety measures and can cause accidents in your home, which can be fatal to your family. It is always better and safer to keep your guns in the safes in your bedroom.

Also, please do not leave your gun under your mattress, it’s important to remember this location can be accessed easily by prying little hands. Even if you have an extra firm mattress, this area is still accessible, therefore, consider extra drawing beside the bed to store the weapon.

Handguns for Self-Defense: Is it Necessary?

Handguns for Self-Defense: Is it Necessary?

With crimes happening around the world, along with the fact that gun usage has become questionable due to crime suspects using it the wrong way, people are not now doubting whether using guns for self-defense is really worth it. Some also look for a gun safe for under $1,000 to help protest others in the household. Some may see it as necessary because it can help fight against crime, but some think otherwise due to the fact that it can also raise killings and crime in a country. That’s why you have to think about some factors to become more aware of its usage. Here are the following factors:

Overall Usage

handguns-for-self-defense_02It’s a well-known fact that there is a very tiny percentage of a chance for someone who has a stable way of thinking to use a gun. They tend to store it at all times and even hiding it because they know it’s only for emergency purposes. If you’re a wise person who knows that it’s for self-defense, you know well when to point it at someone; not just unceremoniously or when you feel frustrated. Surveys even prove that some residents who own one only uses it during times when break-ins and burglary happen.


There are various guns available. As a result, each of them has difficulties that you can find either comfortable or just not your preference. If you’re a person who wants to own a gun for safety, that means you’ve done your research on your preferred gun. This method of research also includes gun safety and maintenance. Also, one should know the right technique in using one for others to know that you’re a wise gun owner as it can cause accidents when misused. Learning is part of being wise – even when it comes to handling dangerous matters like shooting guns for self-defense.

In the End, Guns are Still Dangerous

No matter how you look at it, even if you thought many times about it being a tool for self-defense, guns are still dangerous. Even if you adorn it with gold or any cute keychain to it, it still has its functionality that has proven its dangers. If you know for yourself that you’re going to use the weapon for self-defense, then for sure you have the right reason behind it.


Safety Precautions a Gunsmith Should Consider

Safety Precautions a Gunsmith Should Consider

200321683-001Being a gunsmith can be risky particularly in handling guns and bullets; thus it’s, important to know and practice some precautionary measures that will keep you safe. Obviously, the risk is apparent when a gunsmith is repairing a gun. The main consideration in this situation is to ensure safety. No one knows when accidents may happen. In fact, there are incidents in which a person dies due to gunshot without the knowledge that there’s still a bullet within. Therefore, it makes sense to apply safety precautions in every situation including the following:

      • Check if the firearm is loaded. The first thing that a gunsmith should do when repairing any kind of firearm is to check if the firearm is loaded. Never rely if the client tells that it is unloaded.
      • Keep the firearm facing the safe direction. Even if the gun is unloaded, always point it to a safe direction when cleaning or repairing it.
      • Understand the operation of the firearm. In spite of the knowledge of a gunsmith about handling a gun, it’s important to understand first its operation prior to handling the gun. It’s essential to familiarize the mechanical features.
      • Do the repair or cleaning of firearms in a well-ventilated area. Never handle or clean ammunition in poorly ventilated areas as it may expose you to other substances like lead that may result to serious physical injury.
      • Aside from ensuring your safety and security, the same thing must be applied to any firearms. It should be stored in a secure and separate place that is not accessible to unauthorized person and children.

It’s very challenging being a gunsmith even if you have the knowledge and skills in handling a firearm properly. Personal safety and security should be your priority in carrying out the job of a gunsmith. Additionally, it’s essential to update your knowledge so that you’ll know the changes or upgrades brought by the technology in manufacturing firearms.

What is a Gunsmith?

What is a Gunsmith?

A gunsmith is the person whose work involves manufacturing, designing and repairing a gun. Gunsmithing has been in the industry way back many years since the introduction of the first ever firearms in 1200s. The demand for gun production had increased since many national governments were maintaining large storehouses of ammunitions.
Patrick Cote/Daily Inter Lake Brandon Miller uses a lathe to prepare a barrell for a muzzle break Friday morning in his gunsmith shop located in Creston. Friday, June 1, 2012 in Kalispell, Montana.

In the 1950s, England became popular when it comes to the production of gun and firearms. One of the most popular gunsmiths that time was Peter Van Collen, a Belgian who opened shops in London. Many brave and wealthy families hire a gunsmith to furnish them with guns and firearms. Thus, they easily make money from such a job.

Job Description of a Gunsmith

Firearms collectors and manufacturers hire a gunsmith for their wide knowhow about gun mechanics and design. They also have the capability to create and repair different types of firearms including shotguns, military rifles, hunting rifles, pistols and many others. The job description of a gunsmith is very broad; that’s why if you want to become a good gunsmith you should possess the following skills:

  • Parts fabrication
  • Woodworking
  • Metalworking
  • Chemistry and Mathematics

In addition, a gunsmith should be adept in utilizing different types of tools such as machinist tools, power tools and hand tools.

Common Tasks of a Gunsmith

    • Gunsmithing-Ottawa-KansasAssemble and disintegrate firearms
    • Check, lubricate and clean the firearms
    • Remove corrosions
    • Repair guns
    • Customize guns
    • Repair damaged wooden stocks, grips and handles
    • Engrave and create markings
    • Fit barrels

A gunsmith can easily make money as long as you can attract and retain customers. Likewise, you also need to implement good business practices so that business and government facilities will hire your services. It’s also the responsibility of a gunsmith to observe precautions and see to it that their work is abiding the law. Gunsmiths can work in private shop or for the military. Thus, you should consider completing a training course so that your skills will be improved.