James Crum

“Attending a gunsmith training program is a great help not only for learning and improving skills but also in gaining good reputation when starting a repair shop. Gunsmithing is an ideal small business idea and completing the training course will be the key to realize my own business.”

Victor Wolf

“The course included in the training program is excellent. The instructors are licensed to impart their knowledge and skills pertaining to repairing guns or firearms. They provide materials to be used in the workshop; thus, it’s very easy to complete the projects. Likewise, the theory is updated and the workshop is well-supervised.”

Willie Campbell

“Before I decided to enroll on a training course from this gunsmith school, I had checked other schools offering gunsmith training program. I found out that this school offers the most comprehensive course that can help me become a good gunsmith. The knowledge and skills I have learned from the training course are great help to start a new business once I retire from work.”

Raymond Cruz

“The course materials provided by the school were complete and very thorough. Everything is well-described and designed logically making the learning process easy and fun. The instructors are very approachable and always willing to help when questions arise. I can even call them when something isn’t clear for me.”

Pete Pinder

“The good thing about enrolling to this school is that everyone is welcome. I have been an unskillful gunsmith for many years; that’s why I decided to take a training course so that I can enhance my knowledge and skills in foxing guns professionally. In spite of the competitive course, the price is very affordable.”