What is a Gunsmith?

What is a Gunsmith?

A gunsmith is the person whose work involves manufacturing, designing and repairing a gun. Gunsmithing has been in the industry way back many years since the introduction of the first ever firearms in 1200s. The demand for gun production had increased since many national governments were maintaining large storehouses of ammunitions.
Patrick Cote/Daily Inter Lake Brandon Miller uses a lathe to prepare a barrell for a muzzle break Friday morning in his gunsmith shop located in Creston. Friday, June 1, 2012 in Kalispell, Montana.

In the 1950s, England became popular when it comes to the production of gun and firearms. One of the most popular gunsmiths that time was Peter Van Collen, a Belgian who opened shops in London. Many brave and wealthy families hire a gunsmith to furnish them with guns and firearms. Thus, they easily make money from such a job.

Job Description of a Gunsmith

Firearms collectors and manufacturers hire a gunsmith for their wide knowhow about gun mechanics and design. They also have the capability to create and repair different types of firearms including shotguns, military rifles, hunting rifles, pistols and many others. The job description of a gunsmith is very broad; that’s why if you want to become a good gunsmith you should possess the following skills:

  • Parts fabrication
  • Woodworking
  • Metalworking
  • Chemistry and Mathematics

In addition, a gunsmith should be adept in utilizing different types of tools such as machinist tools, power tools and hand tools.

Common Tasks of a Gunsmith

    • Gunsmithing-Ottawa-KansasAssemble and disintegrate firearms
    • Check, lubricate and clean the firearms
    • Remove corrosions
    • Repair guns
    • Customize guns
    • Repair damaged wooden stocks, grips and handles
    • Engrave and create markings
    • Fit barrels

A gunsmith can easily make money as long as you can attract and retain customers. Likewise, you also need to implement good business practices so that business and government facilities will hire your services. It’s also the responsibility of a gunsmith to observe precautions and see to it that their work is abiding the law. Gunsmiths can work in private shop or for the military. Thus, you should consider completing a training course so that your skills will be improved.